When considering the purchase of undeveloped land or property with existing structures, introducing a Fresh Perspective can provide a new and innovative approach to the process. Our new Fresh Perspective approach offers a range of services to develop a better understanding and/or visualization of the greatest potential for either planning improvements for the property and/ or for the improvement of existing structures. Here are a few of the Fresh Perspective Services that we offer:

Property Studies:

While walking a prospective property, an Architect can provide assistance to help uncover design opportunities and potential ideas for improvement. A few specific items for assistance are:

  • Attend site visits with the clients, as requested. 
  • Provide a written description of the selected site(s) including amenities, both existing and potentially yet undeveloped.
  • Coordinate with Civil Engineers to obtain a Site Plan with existing/ proposed utility layout.
  • Conduct a Preliminary Code Review with governing agencies to determine parameters of proposed improvements for land or to existing structures.
  • Provide Preliminary Project Schedule for design, permitting and construction.
  • Coordinate with General Contractor to provide Preliminary Estimate for proposed work.

Master Planning:

When considering improvements of a property, it is important to consider all features of the property from the outset to ensure optimal design integration and planning efficiency. The Master Plan is a drawing of the Site that may illustrate coordination of important design and/ or property features – such as existing or proposed buildings, drives and paths, water features, noted view vistas and major trees and planting areas.

Preliminary Schematic Design:

Preliminary Schematic Design is a set of sketches that illustrate basic idea options, as a synthesis of the Owner’s program, the architectural style for the building(s) while maximizing each amenity of the property. Preliminary Schematic Design options/ sketches shall include a building Floor Plan and Elevation sketches.

As-Built Conditions:

For Renovation or Addition projects, in order to optimize design opportunities, it is important to obtain current and accurate information of Existing Structures. We offer the following documentation of existing conditions:

  • Measure and Photograph the Existing building at the interior and exterior.
  • Provide scaled Floor Plans & Elevations, noting general materials.
  • Provide a preliminary Site Plan, in coordination with drawings provided by Civil Engineer, to determine the location of accessory structures, utilities and other site amenities.
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