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Architecture + Indigo, LLC is interested in home design which promotes the “Green/ Sustainable” philosophy – which may primarily be defined as the integration of energy efficient heating and cooling systems, providing improved insulation and reduced air-infiltration for the building envelope; specifying sustainable materials and the installation of energy efficient windows and doors.

Sustainable design for homes may also include methods of improved comfort while reducing your carbon footprint. Through careful thought and design, these and many other aspects of Sustainable Design can be easily specified and implemented.

US Green Building Council (USGBC) Member
Green Building Advisor (GBA) Member

Sustainable Design Overview:
While design is always a priority with our team, we shall also consider and analyze Residential systems and materials which may include: environmentally sensitive/ renewable building materials, energy efficient Electrical, HVAC and plumbing equipment and systems; manage/ minimize heat loss/gain and air infiltration; improve air quality; minimize water consumption; consider alternative energy/ fuel systems and optimize comfort. 

Alternative Energy Sources
In addition to the use of passive heating and cooling systems – such as large expanses of glass and clerestory windows, respectively, A+I has worked with many alternative energy systems such as photovoltaic panels to supplement electrical service, grey-water systems to reduce water consumption, rain-water harvesting for landscape irrigation and a solar hot-water system for use with radiant heating systems or simply for domestic hot water.

Site Considerations
In addition to Sustainable house design, there are site and house placement considerations that may play an important role towards maximizing the benefits of solar orientation, minimizing the effects of prevailing winds, reducing the amount of cut and fill, reduce landfill waste, minimize storm water run-off, minimize tree cutting and minimizing the disturbance of the natural landscape.

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